Friday, December 25, 2009

Alone - Lee Jee Hoon

As leaves turns to red
And winds starts to change
I know that everythings ended
Some say the past is past
Go on your way
But i beg you plese stay

The tears i have shed
The love i have had
All gone and buried in my head
I've had the best love a man could've had
But why do i feel this way

*please dont go i would've begged you
Many times i have expected
You to stay with me
Its alright i'll get used to the pain
You have taken me taken me there

I will love you longer than my life
You will be here with me
Theres no one else but you
You will be here in my heart
For all times though you've gone away
You will be here with me
Until the day i die
You will be here deep in my heart...

(repeat *)

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