Thursday, December 17, 2009

Average Joe - Y-not


Hey girl whats up?/
You know i pulled your bluff/
And i had enough/
Of all the fun and games/
You got me going insane
Stop trying to mess with my brain/
So are you down or not?/
Can i hit your spot?/
I know you want this too/
So why you frontin' boo?/
So let's just make this clear/
You know you want this here/


She's playing hard to get like her shit doesn't stank
(aha what's up? why you playing these stupid games?)
See i just wanna talk to you girl i wanna know your name
(hey girl stop playing listen up too what i'm sayin')


(and i say) hey girl why can't you just love me (aha aha)
I know i'm just your average joe (aha aha)
But if you take some time to get to know me (aha aha)
So what's your name? hi my name is joe (aha aha)


We're hot ynot/
So show me what you got/
Stop wasting my time/
I gotta make you mine/
cuz you're one of a kind/
Oh god give me a sign/
Stop playin' hard to get/
I wanna make you sweet/
Untill you're socking wet/
I day you won't forget/
So just forget the rest
When you can have the best/




(oh baby don't you stop!)
That's when her panties dropped/
She had me kinda shocked/
Her whole world i rocked/
It was kinda hard to tell but now she's under my spell/
I see it in her eyes that she is satisfied/
And now she doesn't hide what she's feeling inside/
No reason to fight it girl you know you like it girl.

And i say



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