Saturday, December 26, 2009

Burn Me - New District

Verse 1 :

Troubles in my life
Im scared to fight
Im all alone
Im screaming inside
From all the pain that i feel
Save me
Save me now

Chorus :

Will you save me from my fears
Will you try to dry my tears
I wish that you were here
Will you burn me inside
If i feel cold
Save me
I dont want you to go

Verse 2 :
Im all alone
Leaning against the walls
Hiding in the shadows
I feel the darkness
Closing up on me
Save me
Save me now

(repeat chorus)

Bridge :

If i feel cold
(will you burn me)
If i get lost
(will you find me)
Try to understand
That i need you
I need you

(repeat chorus 2x)

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