Friday, December 11, 2009

Children Of The Loving Father - Glee Club

In a small that we are living in
We have a message to tell
Our voices though young and small
Deserved to be heard.
Many people think that we are weird
And we have nothing to give
But they are just to busy to hear the message we tell.

Coz they can't hear our laughter
They can't feel our pain
They can't see that we care
They can't believe we could share.

We are the children of a loving father
A caring mother
Blessed b god's name
Blessed be god's name.

Though sometimes we are confused
We couldn't understand
The world is full of blessings enough for everyone.
But why only few have more
While others have nothing for them.
What future awaits uswhat tomorrow will bring.
Coz they don't hear our laughter
They don't feel our pain
They don't see that we care
They don'tbelieve we could share.
(repeat *)

Let's not lose our hopes
Let's not lose our dreams
We can rebuild the world.
We are many
We are young
We can touch everyone.
So they will hear our laughter
They will fell our pain
They will see that we care
They will believe we could share.
(repeat *)

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