Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Connected - Juana

I am a lost cause
I am a zero
Always the victim and never the hero

Im my mothers nightmare
And my daddy dont care
Slipping out the backdoor
Gotta head for somewhere

Im gonna go
You wont even noticce
Im gonna go electric
When im on the outside
Thats when its so right
Gotta be something real
Wanna feel connected

I am the no one
You are the someone
Dont you ever think that you got me all wrong
You have the reasons i have excuses
How can you make me feel so useless

Gotta go where i know i wont be predicted
I wish somebody somewhere would give me credit
Yeah i said it

You want perfection but im only human
So you give me no choice but to do what im doing

Ill disappear dont interfere not that i ever expect it
When im on the outside thats when its so right
Gotta be something real wanna feel connected

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