Friday, December 11, 2009

Do Everything... - Darrenacenas,renandamasco,adrianparala,dominicbert

i saw you smiling when you looked back at me
i saw you crying when i called out her name
but why.. why did you tell me to wait
i couldn't tell you that it's already too late...
i tried to fight it but it's already too late
so hold on before it fades...

i used to ask you if i have something to wait for
but when i called you you pushed me away
but why why di you ever come into my life
and now i'm starting to break and cry
so i sing to you (one more time...)
i would do everything for you though i'd breakdown
i would break the walls and corners just to be with you
i would spend all the time in my world just to be with you...
my only you..
i tried to pull through when you told me we can
you made my life whole and i knew that i am
complete so complete that i could ever be
but i never thought that it would be...
you let go of me and pushed me and stabbed me
and then you told me to leave

that's when i asked you if you have something to say
and then i held you but now you've broken away

(repeat ref except ())one last time...
(repeat cho 2 times)

) yun lang po folks!asc!
written and provider of tone by: me! darren m. acenas
guitar music by: my best pal! renan c. damasco

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