Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Dance - Elymenttz

As you confess your love
A love like a fairytale and everyday
The sky will always be blue
So true more than a tragic romance

In this gown i wear
My feeling is not the same
And as i glanced our eyes were able to meet

And suddenly the lights went off
You searched for me
You stood by me
My heart started to race

Coz' you take my hand
And ask me to dance
I was in a different world
You shield the shame and wrapped me up
You guide me through the empty space
It's my first dance...

In this world of mine
My eyes a re only for you
It's true imagining myself with you
(back to refrain then chorus)

And now i'm spending this night with you
Hoping that it would never end
Wishing my life us more than just a dance
(back to chorus)

it's my first dancemy first romance
and it's with you..

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