Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Need To Be Next To You - Bellefire

Been running from this feelings for so long
Telling my heart i didnt need you
Pretending i was better off alone
But i know that its just a lie
So afraid to take a chance again so afraid of what i feel inside

I need to be ext to you
Oohh i
Oohhhh ii
I need to share every breath with you
Oohhh iii
Oohhhooh ii
I need to know i can see your smile each morning
Looking to your eyes each night
For the rest of my life
Here with you
Near with you
Oohhh i i need to be next to you

Right here with you is right where i belong
I lose my mind if i cant see you
Wiyhout you there was nothing in this life
That would make life worth living for
I cant bear the thought of you not there
I cant fight what i feel anymore

Repeat chorus

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