Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Remember D Boy - Jmc

i remeber the boy
Jose mari chan

Today i heard them play
The song again
An old familiar strain from way back when
Every note every line
It's always been a favorite song of mine

It used to haunt me so
Some years ago
Reminds me of a boy
I used to know
And although
The melody lives on
The memories and the boy are all
But gone

So while the song
Still brings that
Certain glow
And the word
Still bring of love i know
It isn't quite
The way it was befor i remeber the boy
But i don't remeber
The feeling anymore......

The promises we made seems easier then
Of the thing we knew our love would never end
But seasons change and time erases the tears as quickly as the rivers dissappear......


And while the song
Still brings that certain glow
And words still bring of love i know
It isn't quite the way it was before
I remeber the boy but i don't
Remeber the feeling anymore

I remember the boy but
I don't remember the feeling anymore......

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