Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leave To Live- A Graduation Song - Unknown

If i were given a genie
Who'd grant me a single wish
I'd only think of one thing
And thats to make me a tree
A tree is strong with roots holding on
Quite impossible to live
The place where it has grown

Verse 2;

When faith has transplanted me here
I never thought i would survive
But you were there to nourished me
With your smile that keeps me alive
For you have become more than a friend
You have made my days complete
I owe this years from you


How i wish i couldnt leave you
How i wish i always be here
I already spread my roots on you
On your heart that made me grow
Like a tree that stands in place
And midst the storm and cruel drought
But i'm not a tree i'm a man
I must leave so i may live

Verse 3

And now that we're going to part ways
It hurts much but we just have to
For life shouldn't remain the same
As there's a falls and a sprigs
But wherever i go whatever i'll be
I will cherish you forever
For you become a part of me.

Repeat chorus


Dreams for tommorow
Have told us to go
The best of life awaits for us
Let someday will be together again

Repeat chorus


I must leave so i may live
May live...
Leave to live...

Yan guys and awit namin pagtapos ng high school
Ok if you want to know this so go on

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