Friday, December 11, 2009

My Only Wish This Year - Anonymous

Last night i took a walk in the snow
Coules holding hands places to go
Seems like everyone thenis in love
Santa can you hear me

I sat a little back and sealed with a kiss
I send it off and to send me this
I kniow exactly what i want this year
Santa can you hear me

And oh my babybaby
I want someone to lovesomeone to hold
Baby baby
You make all my heart like a big red ball

Santa can you hear me
I have been so good this year
And all i want is one thing
Tell me much when love is near

Is all i want just for me underneath
my christmastree
I'll be waiting here santa that's my only wish this year

Oohh yeah... yeah...yeah...
Christmas eve i jst cnt slip
Will i be wrng 4sken i've bin
'coz i herd that ur comng 2 twn
Snta cn u hear me
I rily hope tht ur on ur way
Wth sme1 special 4 me on ur sleigh
Oh pls make my wish come true
Santa can u hear me

(repeat refchocho2)

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