Monday, December 7, 2009

Poorman"s Grave - Eraserheads

Intro: aacedfcgd (2x)

I know the man who have nothing

He was the poorman on his life

And he was in the boatside

With starving kids and a loving wife

Add lib
Aaffg (2x)

He went to church every sunday

He prays til morming until night

And said good lord why you've been forsaken me

When everything i ever though where lie


Now my life is come to an end there is only thing im wishing for

And now the day that im never sinned til i hope you wont ignore

What im asking for...


Oh honey when i died

Dress me up in a coat and tie

In a bid of pair of shoes

That i haven't wore in a long time

Lying n the golden box

At the cross of pile of rocks

Buried me where grass are green and gates are shining

Ah... honey when i died go to usable in the place i could lie

Go and use of the money that i saved and i dont wanna lie in poorman's grave..

Repeat intro:

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