Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Red Dress - Sugababes

A girls invited to flaunt to get what she wants
Can say that is strong oh baby!

A mans world but boy can't you see
We're pulling the strings we're taking the lead

And when you're sure you'll never let her play
You again she'll put on your favourite smile
Unplug the phone to get you alone dirty dance
Her hips will send you into a trance

Chorus 1: coz i'm cooler then the red dress
I'd rather catch a guy on my own coz what you see
The man gets and if you don't i'm better off here alone

Chorus 2: done the candlelight to make you stay
Over i'm giving it up now baby if thats what i've
Got to do just own ya' i'm giving it up now.

I've played the desprate lady and jumped
Through the hoops boy instead of constant
Craving i'll leave the chasing to you and if you
Don't respect it i'll kick with my jimmy choos
Coz boy if you don't love me then i've got
Nothing to lose

Coz i've been down this road before i should
Have known that i was to blame won't put on
Your favourite smile unplug the phone to get you
Alone dirty dance that's not the way i get my

(repeat chorus 1 x 2)
(repeat chorus 2 x 2)

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