Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturn Return - Eraserheads

For the land
Land of the sun sun sun
All the lawyers pray to god

Airconditon my brain
There's a note in my ear that i can't sustain
Drain all my fear oh dear
Trapped inside an aeroplane
Sittin' on the aisle as you snooze
Excuse me sir coffee tea or juice
All i want right now is sleep
Please o please let me count my sheep
Swimming in my headphone dream beam
The soundtrack propels me to the extreme
Unconscious tricked me like a lawyer
Save some wine sublime and a prayer
Destination unknown
Invasion like a nervous election
Orbiting a 24track
Waiting for saturn to come back

In a hostile takeover bid
For the life
Life in the sea sea sea
All the lawyers pray to god

Connect me to a scanner
Who's incharge of the scifi nightmare
Tomato 1 callin' starship crew
Ground patrol tomato 2
Bouncin' on a cellulite doorbell
Another planet another hotel oh well
Snack food shooting marathon
Hypnotized by your own playstation
I'm a toy
With a dream to redeem
Try to change some rules in the mainstream
Mayday mayday
Outta control rocket
I think we just hit a nasty air pocket
I'm getting dizzy like a drunken bee
Buzzin' around in the galaxy
Nevertheless guess who's cruisin' here
When saturn flies by

In a hostile takeover bid
For the clouds
Clouds in the sky sky sky
All the lawyers pray to god
In a hostile takeover bid
For the mind
Mind of the child child child
All the lawyers pray to god

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