Monday, December 21, 2009

Sexy Lady - Mc Magic (feat. Dj Kane)

Quiero que sepas que todos los dias solo pienso en ti
Eres la reina de mi vida mi corazon es para ti
I wanna treat you like a queen i wanna love you tonight
Sexy lady with the pretty brown eyes
Let me know if you're down to ride

I remember when i met you
You were standing with your friends at the bar
Looking so fly from the hotel suite to the bubbles in the bathtub
No matter what you wanna do i got your back love
Let me give it to you baby let me rub your back as a matter of fact
When the lights down low with a beat that's slow
I'm gonna make you lose control
Let me touch them private places home run hit it like four bases
Making all them sexy faces
Damn girl you drive me crazy i won't stop'til the panties drop
Foggy windows inthe parking lot holiday inn or the marriott
Dime lo que quieras cause i make it real hot


Let me treat that body like a playground
From the top of the slide to the merrygoround
Don't stop 'til you get enough
'til your eyes roll back and your legs lock up
Ooh wee i know you like that feeling when i'm killing that kitty cat cat
And i break your back and you're losing breathe like a cardiact
Must be that sex maniac in me
Gotta hit it one time or maybe three
You know that i gotta make it hotter than 100 degrees
Tell me one thing in the morning when you wake up
What do you wanna do?
Yo quiero hacer el amor with nobody else but you


I told you lady that i'm gonna love you so right
Let me touch that body in the places that nobody's ever touched before
Let me just love you right let me show you what i feel
You're my one and only lady and that's why our love is so so real


C'mon yeah magiccity
Nasty boy from nbk to nb ridaz to the magic city
Another one baby c'mon magiccity

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