Monday, December 14, 2009

Smashed Into Pieces - Silverstein

(verse 1)

(naver again
I slit my troat
With the knife
Ive full out
Out of my spine)(growl)

Maybe when
You find out
That im dead
You'le realize
What you did to me


And if my lungs
Still let me breath
Would you be there
For me
If i can make
Myself believe
I'll give you back
What you took a......way

(verse 2)

(no i won't
Let it go
Douse myself
In gasoline
So dont)(growl)

Save me when
You come in
To the fire
Id rather die
Than have
To see
Your smile

(repeat chorus)

(you made me swear)2x

I i can't sleep
All this things
That tou took
For me

(smashed my heart)(growl)
You made me swear
(into dust)(growl)
You made me swear
(suffocate my mind)(growl)
You made me swear
(tear at me from inside)(growl)

Smashed apart
What you created
(how can i ever
Stop me from)(growl)
Crushing my soul
(it wasit was your's)(growl)
Your's to begin with

(repeat chorus)

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