Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something I Never Had - Lindsay Lohan

Do you see me
Do you feel me like i feel you
Call your number
I cannot get through
You don't hear me
I don't understand
When i reach out
I don't find your hand
Were they wasted words
Did they mean a thing
All these precious time
But i still feel so in between

I just keep pretending
You'll stay
Dreaming of a different ending
I wanna hold on
But it hurts so bad
I can't keep
Something that i never had

I keep telling myself
Things can turn around with time
And if i wait it out
You could always change your mind
Like a book i read
Where it works out in the end
Cant i close my
Have you lying here again
Then i come back down
Then i fade back in
Then i realize
It's just might have been


Am i a shadow on your wall
Am i anything at all
Anything to you
Am i a secret that you keep
Do you dream me while you're sleeping after all

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