Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Til My Baby Comes Home - Fantasia Barrino

There's a whole lot of guys messin' around
Tryin' to get me
They do thing' cause they know
My guy is away
They try to upset me

They can't believe i resist
How can i hold out
Where is that guy now
But the truth really is
I don't worry 'cause i love you baby so that...

No matter where my baby is
She never leaves me without love
She gives me love till i get enough
And then i'm alright
Til my baby comes home
If she stays away for long
He calls me on the phone
I jump up when i hear his voice
And i'm alright
Til my baby comes home

I get weak in the kness
My hands start to shake
Head starts to aching
Is she thinking of me or feeling the fire with some other guy?
I can't believe i can be worried about her
I shouldn't doubt her

"cause i'll love her for real
And i don't worry cause i know
I know i know

*repaet chorus*

Bring it on home to me
He makes everything alright
He's good to me
He's the best part of my life
Can't you tell that i'm just like a new girl
I'm doing very well
"cause i know he's coming back tonight
*repeat chorus*

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