Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Art Of Letting Go - Valley of Chrome

Is this goodbye and farewell? its a romantic tragedy
All is fair in love and war and im the lonely casualty

Your forked tongue has lost its sharpness
It doesnt have the luster it used to before
Sure it takes a lot of soul to forgive
So let me show you your way out of that door

You are a beautiful walking mistake and from you i have learned
How could someone so true be so fake? now youre none of my concern

Let go you are nothing i deserve
your actings all but superb
a romance for the deaf and blind
with such poor taste and design

These calloused hands are shaking and im breathing heavily
Soon all of this will be over shadows reaching out to me

Sweet nothings in my ears now they disgust
Those letters youve sent now gather dust
Sure it takes a lot of soul to forgive
Im dead with you and now i want to live

And now this is the time and i cannot pretend
The day i live again is when our story ends

Dramatic lies and severed ties in bloodstained cradles lay
Despite the loss that bridge ill cross come calm or storm what may
We drank the wine the undivine process of suicide
Let it be known apart weve grown i gave you everything i own
And as you make your final exit i let our story slip away
I bury you with the memories of a forgotten yesterday

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