Friday, January 1, 2010

Boom - P.o.d.

I never knew that a kid like me
Could take his mic around the world and flash the big s. d.
And rock the masses from madrid to calabassas
Tijuana mexico bootleg demos in tokyo
They know me though 'cause i be puttin' in work
Commit my life to rebirth well respected 'cause that's my word
I'm sure you heard about a new sound going around
She might have left my hood but she was born in my town

We rep. the south so what you talking about
I'm not running off my mouth i know this without a doubt
'cause if you know these streets then these streets know you
When it's time to handle business then you know what to do
Me and my crew we stay true old skool or new
Many were called but the chosen are few
We rise to the top what you want? just in case you forgot
Rush the stage grab my mic show me what you got

B section:
You didn't know thought we was new on the scene
Well it's alright! it's alright!
I know you know i see you smiling at me
Well it's alright! it's alright!

Boom! here comes the boom!
Ready or not here comes the boys from the south
Boom! here comes the boom!
How you like me now?

Is that all you got?
I'll take your best shot.

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