Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can I Get Your Attention - Rubben Studdard

Kelly give me the ball girl echo

To all my girls now nice smile with the pretty clothes now...
and if you got a csrub now let him go now life is too short
to settle now c'mon now in the club now
hold up the duckin with the po po now
get that money anyway now and if you work
hard you gotta play now c'mon now.

Can I get your attention for a minute
you need to know that we gotta live it up girl (live it up)
(c'mon now) and all of my thugs (c'mon now (oh))
to everybody who be livin it up in the hood
on the block everywhere in the club gurl and alll of my thugs.

To everyone in the east (give it up)
in the west (give it up) up north (give it up)
down south (give it up)
to the ballers shot callers everyhood its all good.

Went accros the coast now the 205 got my back now
a brand new ride that i got now
One's on my feet good to go now
(c'mon now) having fun (now)
me and my crew in the club now and the girls
show me love now friday saterday sunday now c'mon now.


Pretty Tony
From the 205 to the 228
from the NYC all the way back to L.A
come out and play we gonna live it up
to lil momma who hold me down i gotta give it up
to my thugs out there hustlin' i hope you live it up
in the club spinnin the bucks like
you prince and stuff every what what what
holla at ya boy pretty tony and big rub we both
from the dirty dirty you know how we do.

oh ohhh yeah so when you hear this on the radio
play it loud in your stario (your stero)
come and show ya boy some love
come show a playa what u got
keep movin it dont you stop all my fellas get on the floor.
give the girls what they lookin for
and its all about havin fun and we wont stop until the sun comes up.

Chorus 2X's
So can i get of chorus
Until it fades

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