Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clock Watching - Jason Mraz

Take off both your shoes and clothes ill follow
Undo corkscrew drink from half of a broken bottle
Lately were running out of time arent we?
Smoking often and calling out our guilty pleasures
Lets keep talking anything to stop clock watching
Lately were running out of time.
Arent we crazy for running all the time? maybe
Lets forget were running out of time

Im off like an aeroplane
Im licking your postage stamp again
Im using my right brain and im praying that we dont crash
Who knew id come so fast?
So what if a two pump chump cant last
But i made it to three and i foreclosed a fiveminute fantasy
On a short lived flight making love on economy

No jumping conclusions
I dont think theres no solution
Lets get backwards and forget our restless destination
Lets live in the moment just this time could we
Just take one moment of our time maybe
Lets forget were running out of time

Im off like an aeroplane
Im catching my second wind again
Im using my leftbrain and im righting all my wrongs
Im yearning to turn you on
Ive been working on getting you off so get on

But how i guess by the subject of the best predicate left unsaid
When the matter is too delicate my loneliness is evident
And its you. youre running through my mind
And it makes me crazy
Lady dreamer you might be the soundest sleeper
Tonight sleep tight and build your nest upon my shoulder

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