Saturday, January 16, 2010

Damage - Chris Brown


You know.. Sometimes you don't realize what you've done until you've seen the damage... And I
looked at the damage...

Whoa.. yea.. yea.. Whoa.. yea .. Look at the damage..

Verse 1:

3am when my phone ring beggin' me to come by I was right around the corner.. I know I
coulda' said no but I ain't stop told me come in "the doors unlocked for ya".. My intuition I
should have listened to it my girl yo she'd be pissed if she knew about this visit...
She had a tank top on I took her tank top off but should've stopped STOP!.. sigh
But she ain't lettin' me kissed me soft and gently.. she tempt me.
Right then I stopped thinkin' consequences... Guess I must have lost my mind for a minute.


There's no better love... Girl I love you.. With her that was lust.. Should've have left and I
know I messed up... One phone calls done. this whole thing now... look at the damage.. damage..
look at the damage..

Damage.. damage that I caused you. And now I broke your heart cuz' I did you wrong. Look at
the damage look at the damage that I caused...

Verse 2:

The dumbest decision that I made that I ain't proud of a few hours that made absolutely
nothing cost me your love.. I gotta live with regret deserve to get what you give that you
wont listen to nothing that I'm saying. Rode passed your house for hours just to feel close to
ya.. no cards no gifts no flowers could get me back with chu'... Your kiss your touch girl
you know I miss it. But you got my heart inside a prisonless ??


Verse 3:

I was trippin' I was dippin' with these women in these streets. Lost my girl lost out
there. Wish I could take it back.

I was trippin' I was dippin' with these women in these streets. Wish I could take that


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