Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fatty McGee - Adam Sandler

Talking quietly
M1: "Ms. Murphy is such a pain man."
M2: "We just had a test a week ago.
Now we gotta take another one tommorrow. This sucks!"
M1: "And it counts for 80 percent of our grade."
M2: "Well we better study our butts off."
M1: "Well we came to the right place the ever so quiet library."
M2: "Ok enough talking let's study!"
M1: "All right."
Turning pages

Heavy steps
M2: "Uh oh"
M1: "Oh no! Fatty McGee is coming.
We'll never get any studying done with him in the library."
Heavy steps continue
M2: "Oh god he's taking the stairs!
That means he's going to be way out of breath!"

Fatty whining try to catch breath
M1: "Oh no he's going to sit with us."
Fatty: Annoying whining voice "Hey fellas studying for the big test?"
M1: "Uh yes Fatty we were."
Fatty: Still trying to catch breath "Great! I'll join ya."
Fatty pulls out chair and falls into it still whining horribly
M2: "Hey Fatty why don't you go to the bathroom 'till you catch your breath?"
Fatty: "No no I'm catching it!"
Fatty continuing to whine and snort
M1: "Ok ok Fatty but try to keep the wheezing level down we're trying to concentrate."
Fatty: Continuing to wheeze and whine louder "Sure no problem."
M1: "Oh man."
Fatty: Still snorting and whining loudly
"This test counts for eighty percent of our grade you know."
Whining continues even louder
M1: "Yes Fatty we know we just said that."
Wheezing continues a little softer
M2: "Fatty! Please keep it down!"

Fatty makes snoring/whining sounds

M2: "Is he sleeping!?"
M1: "No it's his deviated sceptum.
Seriously Fatty keep the breathing down."
Snoring stops more weird noise starts
M2: "Ahh geez Fatty what's wrong with you!?"
Fatty: Pausing snorting "I'm trying."
Whining continues
M1: "Fatty you know what's going to happen!
Stop breathing so heavy! Please we gotta study!"
Whining gets higher and higher until it's continuous
M2: "Oh no that one's going to do it!"

Fire alarm sounding fire trucks honking their horns sirens reeling
M2: "Fatty the fire department thinks the fire alarm went off again!"
Fatty: Continuing his LOUD annoying whine "I'm sorry!"
Fireman Ray: "Fire! Man the building!"
M1: "Sorry Fireman Ray it's not the fire alarm."
Fireman Ray: "Fatty McGee is that you again!?"
Fatty: Stillin whining annoyingly "Yes." Snort "Sorry." Snort
Fireman Ray: "Didn't we tell you not to take the stairs anymore!?"
Fatty: Whiney voice "But I like the stairs!"
Fireman Ray: annoyed "Why!?"
Fatty: Still whining horribly "They're fun!"
Fireman Ray: "Oh Fatty McGee you're the fattest!"
Everyone laughing at stupid joke

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