Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Life - Ashley Tisdale

I don't know what I'm doing
I say the wrong things half the time
I'm only human
Not anything you can define
I'm rushing day to day
To find my way
To where I'm going
Don't try to fight me
I'm all I can be

Sometimes it's hard
No matter who you are
It's life it's life
And I'm just trying to get it right
Sometimes I feel
Like this whole thing isn't real
But it's life it's life
And I'm just trying to get it
Trying to get it right

I can't keep on living
Counthing every breath I take
Just want to jump in
To the water so why wait
I'll make mistakes I'll take the breaks
But I'll say somthing
Don't try to crowd me
Just give me time and give me space
Let's go let's go
Everybody wants to know
Where I'm gonna go
But I still gotta fly
Staying strong holding on
Even when I get it wrong
I know that I'll survive
Check that check that
Never gonna look back
And say that I was too afraid to try

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