Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Knives - Chicosci


A cross a heart no longer beating
So we're dealing with the devil tonight
But still we're speaking softly
I hear you singing to the other side

She's sleeping with the enemy
While murdering a friend
A kiss to betray the silent flight

And the knives
She's gone we'll sing her to sleep
This knife in my hand grasping

The lies! the song is growing louder
Were you wishing i would die tonight?
My back the color crimson
Honey pleas the crime wasn't mine
Won't you keep it all inside
Don't bite the feeding hand
A kiss to betray the endless fuck

Refrain 2:
You're gone; we'll sing you to sleep
Nothing in your hand fading

(repeat refrain 1 and 2)
(repeat refrain 1)

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