Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love To Last A Lifetime - The Cavaliers

When i feel your love
Sometimes i dont know what to do
When i hear your heart beat
It seems like its beating so fast
And its beating together with my heart

Tell me am i just dreaming
Every time i feel your hands touch me?
Is it just a dream when
I see you smile upon me?

I dont know what i feel
You may call me crazy
Buthey this is love i feel

This love is pure
This love is true
And if ever ill be proving it to you
Dont be shock
Coz this love will last a lifetime

I dont care if well grow old
For as long
As your near
I dont care what the world will think
Even though were not meant to be...

Chorus ii:
My love will last a lifetime
For its you i cant live without
And if ever will be together
Our love will last a lifetime......

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