Sunday, January 24, 2010

National Anthem Of Love - Joey McIntyre

This is the national anthem of love
Stepped into the car five words and your wrong
She wants to go home
Can't remember a word you said all you know is
you're dead
If you don't straighten things out
And you know you're dead if you don't
So baby if you wanna get some

Love if you make it right you can stay all night
If you get it wrong you better fix it
Love if you keep it real it'll make you feel
In a million ways you never felt before

This is the superbowl of love
You wanna play but it's just too rough and you
wanna go home
Just remember it's only a game
Win or lose no one's to blame would you rather be
And you know you don't
So baby if you wanna get some


She's gone
You're wrong
New dawn
It's on
Baby believe me when I say
It don't matter anyway
'Cause we got love (love love love love)
It's all we got


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