Friday, January 1, 2010

Piggy Bank - Magno's Curse

piggy bank
(magno's curse)

I was walking down the street
Felt the ground below my feet
One monday afternoon
I was holding it so tight
Kept it safe with all my might
Then there you've passed me by

I never knew this thing could happen
Its not the perfect time
From the very first moment we caught our eyes
We collide

Nabasag ang piggy bank
Thats why im very sad
Naubos pa ang laman
Baryay pinagagawan
Nabasag ang piggy bank
Thats why im very sad
Nauubos pa ang laman
Ng paborito kong piggy bank

Unconscious for a moment
Never knew what just happened
Why am i lying on the ground?
Then suddenly i remember
Accidentally we bumped each other
And now youre nowhere to be found

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