Friday, January 1, 2010

Seeking The Wise - P.o.d.

The world keeps on turning
And you're locked up in it (4x)
Before i was lost but now i am found (4x)
Seeking the wise (4x)

I'm in like that and i'm right on time
I'm looking for the king and will find the way
The truth and the one that gives life payable on death
And we're seeking the wise no where to run looking for the son

No where to run

You are you are the one

I'm breathing dust of conspiracies iniquities
Infiltrate the wisdom but we bounce back and burn like the sun
I'm needing help like welfare recipients
While false prophets keep writing fake manuscripts
Brought down like fugitives saints on the warpath
Watch how you live oh god please make me capable
Cause all human wisdom is fallible

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