Friday, January 8, 2010

So Perfect - Mymp

Just walkin around the alley
To see all the beauty around me
Ive been to many places
To find me some solace

Then I took one glance
It stopped me and caught my attention
When you look at me
I felt my knees weaken

How could I miss those eyes
That melt my heart away
You got a smile that brightens
Till the end of the day

With a silence you get closer
I catch my breath
I catch my breath
Youre an angel in disguise
So perfect
So perfect love
I wanted this on my life

I wonder what could bring us closer
I dont want this dream to be over
Another day goes by
To search for that beautiful smile

repeat refrain

repeat prechorus

repeat chorus

repeat prechorus

repeat chorus 2x

I wanted this on my life

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