Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Are The Chances? - Toni Gonzaga

Everybody thought what everybody else have been thinking
Wed never make it through
Wed never see the light of day
Cos everybody saw what everybody else have been seeing
The love we have is doomed
This love is just one big mistake

But all we did is follow our feelings
And look at where it took us today

Who would have thought
Who would have guessed
What are the chances
That wed make it through
After all the hurt
This heart has ever had
What are the chances
I would still be standing here with you

Now everybodys saying what no ones ever said then about us
They say they always knew
That we were really meant to be
But i dont really care what they say now about us
As long as im with you
As long as i got you with me

And all that matters now in this moment
The rest can just fade away

repeat chorus

And now weve come this far
I guess were lucky yes we are
I guess we must have known
That we had it from the start

repeat chorus 2x

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