Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cool Kids - Black Mags

Verse (Chuck):

I got this 8990 Pistons champ flat/ bill black starter cap with the hologram tags/
White Mag rims red rubber tires/
Chain frame pegs grips shift to my supplier/
Dope man attire gimme bout an hour/
And I'll have it clicking ticking gliding flying like McGuyver/
I'm a Murder Club dope pedal rider/
Nigel said I'm good to get that ink on my bicep/
I gets busy as a bee on my bike grips/
If I catwalk this I walk I can fly this/
Bitch and I'm fly and it's tied to the side/
that's the flag that I'm flying/
Add to the fact that it all coincides with these wheels that I'm riding/
3pt Mags make you think that I'm gliding/
... Shiiiit nigga I aint lying/
I got a long rap sheet that'll say that I'm tied in/


Verse (Mikey):

I hit chuck on the pager yo I'm kinda bored/
And got class til later so open garage/
And I don't really know which way to go I aint tryna skate it though/
And my bikes illegal so they send for the law/
But I don't care joe I just keep on pedalin/
Ride past shorty light skinned with no melanin/
Shirt look like somebody stuffed two melons in/
Had to stop so I could preach like revered/
I grip on the handbrake and say "Whatup?"/
I skip on the handshakes I'm straight. What else? /
I got two pegs on the back and you got two legs under your skirt/
So ho we head/
To the Dope Pedal Headquarters/
You would be there if you could/
Chuck got the red wheels and the white mags but it's all good/
Got the gold hundred spokes like Boys in the Hood/
With the lime green frame dollars on the bike/
Seat handlebar grips is the same as my Nikes/
In the mold the gold I use for my spokes/
And the frame the same as I use for my chain/ Out!


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