Monday, February 1, 2010

Piece Of This - Pot

Farewell to my friends
Thought I'd leave you all behind me.
My time is runnin
And I'm about to lose my mind again.

Now and then I tremble all over
But I will carry the load upon my shoulder
But I know this would all be over
As soon as I open my eyes.

Is it loneliness?
Maybe emptiness?
Maybe melancholy.

Have a piece of this.

Now I see the sunlight shining through
There's no reason to be blue but
Now I know I'm going down
I look all around me and laugh like a clown/no I won't frown.

Can anybody help me when I'm down?
And anybody since I'm just a clown
But now I know love will stick around
Cause I've been lost and found

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