Monday, February 1, 2010

Stand - Miley Cyrus

A story of a heart in need
Playin on my tv screen
Will i sit back and watch it fade?
There's gotta be a better way

Love is more than what you feel
Love is action love is real
Break your silenceturn the key
And be the change you wanna see
So get ready
Come on everybody
Are you ready to:
Stand for what you believe in
Standfor all that is right
Standwhen it's dark all around you
You can be that shinin' light

Standwhen troubles come calling
Your gonna be alright
Standjust reach deep inside you and be that shinin' light

I feel the earth shakeraise my voice
I have my souli have a choice
I feel it burnin'i want more
So what am i waiting for?
Repeat chorus
Repeatchorus2 x2

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