Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If You Walk Away - rachelle ann go

Don't just stand there
With those guilty eyes
If you're gonna pull the triger
I don't wanna hear no alabis

Don't try to tell me
It's your heart who cross to bear
Coz i'm the one that's losing
I'm not going anywhere


If you away from love
You're headed down a long hard road
If you're gonna leave me now
There's something you should know

It gonna take a long long time
Something you might never find
If you walk away from me
You walk away from love

Was i just dreaming
Were you acting out a part
Is this the final curtain
That fell down on my heart

So if you're going
Then go ahead and leave
Coz i'm not gonna beg you
Or get down on my knees

Repeat chorus

Somewhere down the road
You'll realize
The love you need
Was right here all the time
If you walk away...............

Repeat chorus

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