Friday, December 25, 2009

In Patience We Live - Imbuenokudos

I tried to walk alone in the midst of nothingness
But i've found myself longing for something else
I'm lost and confused what is there to lose
Is this the answer??
I thought it is but i do resist
If i could hold on to everything just to feel you breathing
However far you'll stay alone in me a whole of you in me
I lie awake while dreaming of our perfect day
Images of fate flashing on top of my head
Your eyes they shine they made me draw the line
I've found the answer
Well i hope i did yes i hope we did...
Now i pray for light
Just to guide us through
It'll save us from drowning
It'll save us from keeping
What we had before
When it's over it'll be the same
No more empty words to fill the space
And i promise we will see the future within
Till the pictures fade
You and i will say...
That we're both for one yes we're both for one

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