Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You're My Rock N' Roll - Morgan Benton

I used to believe in dreams and magic spells
In life that's eternal and love everlasting
People say that i'm a fool to regard such things
But whatever they say i shall remain unfazed

Through my heart down through my soul
You are the one that makes me whole
I am nothing without you incomplete without you
I need you for me to be sane my love for you will never wane
The only thing that's real the only thing that i feel

*you're my rock n' roll
you're the only one that i believe in
if i should die tonight
forever i'll be holding you tight (2x)

I know i will not be around for all time
And only if the master should be ever kind
I will fly only with you next to me
And that's the way it shall ever be
Don't you see*

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