Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Congo - Gaussians

Fat black bucks
In a wine barrel room
Barrel house kings with feet unstabled
Sagged and realed and pounded on the table
Pounded on the table
Beat an empty barrel with the handle of a broom
Hard as they were able
Boom boom boom
With a silk umbrella and a handle of a broom
Boomlay boomlay boomlay boom

Then i had religion
Then i had a vision
I could not turn from the revel in derision

Then i saw the congo
Creeping through the black
Cutting through the jungle with a golden track

Then along the riverbank
A thousand miles
Tattooed cannibals dance in files
Then i heard the boom of a blood lust song
And a tigh bone beating on a tin pan gong

And blood scream the whistles and fives of the warriors
Blood screamed the skull faced lean witch doctors
Whirl ye the deadly voo doo rattle
Harry the upland steal all the cattle
Rattle rattle rattle rattle bing
Boom lay boom lay boom lay boom

A roaring epic ragtime tune
From the mouth of the congo
To the mountains of the moon
Death is an elephant
Torched eyed and horrible
Foam flanked and terrible
Boom steal the pygmies
Boom kill the arabs
Boom kill the white mens
Hoo hoo hoo

Listen to the yell of the leopolds ghost
Burning in hell for his hand made host
Hear how the demons chuckle and yell
Cutting his hands off down in hell

Listen to the creepy proclamation
Blown through the lairs of the forest nation
Blown fast the white anrs hills of clay
Blown fast the march where the bhutterflies play

Be careful what you do
Or the mumbo jumbo
God of the congo
And all of the other gods of the congo
Mumbo jumbo will hoo doo you
Mumbo jumbo will hoo doo you
Mumbo jumbo will hoo doo you

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