Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jesus Was No Ordinary Man - Lds

Jesus was no ordinary man
But there were some who did not understand
They saw him working miracles
But some were still deceive
Why did they not believe

When the few knows the question
And all turned to failed
When he show them his
And even raise the dead
When he walk upon the water
And he conquer ranging sin
Why did they not believe
(repeat refrain)

When his faith feel the
Gave sight unto the blind
When he saw at his feeding
Even water turn to wine
When he offer that he hurts again
He pay without receipt
Why did they not believe

Jesus was no ordinary man
The power to bless and heal was in his hands
They saw him cleansed the leper
They saw him heal the lame
They must have sense of humility

And know from went he came
But understanding not his cost
They crucify the son of god
And even then they take no understand
Like jesus was no ordinary man

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