Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Devil Made Me Do It - Chicosci

The devil made me do it

With her it felt like drowning
The cheap wine we were drinking
(i just lied well i just lied)
I choke on the words said
To all the ones that i have loved since then
(three minutes sweet they passed me by goodnight)

Push push now we die inside
The more i have you setting the walls on fire
The more i need you we collapse in time

This is how i'm killing myself
What were you thinking?
This is a black memorial;
Listen hard she's calling for you
(i just lied well i just lied)

There's nothing here worth saying
Broken hearts cut and wearing thin
(i just died inside her eyes goodbye)

(repeat chorus)

Just when i thought i couldn't get enough
I'd give my life just to make it stop


Stopwatch counting
Her days expiring

(repeat chorus)

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