Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Tragedy Of My Ballerina - Angelicus

The tragedy of my ballerina

Sacrificing that's the meaning of love
As she dances my heart in a unexplainable beat
The crowd yells the sky was blue
Every one cheers the name of that beautiful angel

The woods are glowing everyone was fascinated
By the way that angel smiles
The gorgeous looks those shining eyes oh im asking why
Does it have to hurt like this?

And now we're alone
In this stadium of hatred
She still dances gracefully
I wonder what she thinks

As she dance getting near me
I grabbed a knife and stab her back.
I watched her as she bleed heavily
I want to help her but how am i supposed to do that?
Is that what she deserve?
I know i don't deserve the pain that she gave
Cause i loved her. i loved her.

And now i know that my ballerina wont dance anymore
But in my heart she will still dance forever.

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