Sunday, November 8, 2009

N.e.u. Loyalty Hymn - Erman Juachon

All hail fair new era
Forever dear to me
We are proud to sing
With cheers and glories
To thee our hopes
And dreams run crystal clear
Our faith beneath thy wings
Will forever be

Like the rising sun within thy seal
We'll shine and light the world with brilliancy
Our lord's command will obey seal
With his grace to all our victories

Hail to thee beloved alma mater
With pride we'll uphold thy name forever
With honor we'll march beneath thy banner
Thy golden flame will always remenber

We pledge to thee eternal loyalty
We will win for thee more fame and glory
With pervent prayers to the almight
We'll be united 'till eternity

Glory to god the almighty
And selfless service to humanity

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