Monday, January 4, 2010

The Adamson University Hymn/cheers And Chants - Adamsonians

Adamson alma mater dear
All hail thy name
In our wand'ring far or near
We'll spread thy fame
Within thy portals hollowed
True wisdom we have followed
In every clime our loyal hearts
Will never fail
Through changeless time
Dear adamson u hail!
Fling out thy banner high
The blue and white
Lift our voices to the sky
With all thy might
Each noble son and daughter
From thee will never falter
Through every hour to keep us
Faithful strong and pure
God grant us pow'r to
Make our triumph sure!!!

Falcon let's go!
Falcon let's go falcon let's fight
Falcon let's go and win this fight!. (5x)

Spell adamson
Adamson (4x)

Adamson! (3x)

Spell falcons
Squad: fal!
Crowd: fal!

Ready! 1 2 3 4


Falcons (3x)

Rah rah rah

Aaah falcons!
Aaah fight!
Aaah falcons!

Fight! team! fight!

Oh mighty falcons
Oh mighty falcons blue and white!
Oh mighty falcons win this fight! (2x)
A.d.u. fight! (2x)
We are the adamson falcons
Ready to fight (2x)
A.d.u. fight! (2x)

Umm um ahh
Falcons got the power (3x)
Say bangbang
Choochoo train come on
Falcons do your thing

We are the adamson falcons
We are the adamson falcons
Ready to fight ready to fight!
We are the adamson falcons
Doing it right doing it right!
We are going to face you
With all our might with all our might
We are going to blow
Way out of sight way out of sight.
We are so cool
Blue falcons rule!
(repeat i ii iii)

We are theadamson falcons
Ready to fight!

Go adu soaring falcons!..

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